Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Granite Stone Floor Repairs & Maintenance

Choosing your Natural Stone Flooring

A natural stone floor will raise the profile of any home, and we are here to help maintain your investment, although its good to know about a few of the pro's and con's of beautiful terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate or mosaic flooring. Here is a little from our experts about the qualities of natural stone floors:

Identify your Stone

Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance of Natural Stone FlooringOnce you know the exact type of floor you prefer you can discover all of the do's and dont's regarding that material. The very nature of individual natural floorings gives them characteristics and properties that can transform your home like no other floor surface. Stone flooring will bring an unmatched quality and distinction to your home and is well worth the effort of its upkeep.

  • Slate – a favourite of many it is robust but can also chip.
  • Marble – is popular, smooth and stunning, but can be damaged by acids.
  • Terrazzo – like most of these floors, will last a lifetime but can be pricey.
  • Tumbled Travertine – gives a beautifully rustic effect although its honeycomb composition can fill with dirt.
  • Travertine – very smart and dynamic but prone to appearance of new holes.
  • Granite – Just the word sounds indestructible, but some forms of granite need frequent care and attention.
  • Porcelain – Pristinely perfect yet can be unexpectedly porous.
  • Victorian clay tiles - in their original state these tiles had a matt finish.
  • Limestone – stunning although a little porous and best suited to lighter traffic areas.
  • Sandstone – available in gorgeous shades like gold, tan and red, this stone can be subject to scratches etc.

Versatility of Natural Stone Flooring

Stone is ideal for every room in the house such as the hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and is increasingly used in the bedroom. Unlike most floor coverings, natural stone actually improves with age developing its own unique sheen and patina as it is walked upon.

Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance of Natural Stone FlooringLong lasting stone used in flooring is millions of years old, and the oldest limestone floor in Britain is an impressive 7, 000 years old!

If you are preparing to have stone flooring installed, you would be well advised to order one or two extra packs of the tile. This is because natural stone floor tiles due to them being sourced from the earth, can differ in colour and quality. Ordering more than you need means you can move around and match tiles, also you will have spares should your flooring suffer damage any time. There is a vast range of looks and finishes with stone flooring including honed, polished, riven, tumbled, antiqued, brushed, flamed and unfilled.

Protecting your Stone Floor Tiles

Many people wonder whether or not they need to seal their natural stone flooring, but sealing your stone floor tiles will ensure that they are protected against staining and impairment. Products like dyes, food, oil or harsh cleaners will have a detrimental effect on your fabulous stone floor, and one of the range of sealing agents available is a wise choice.

If properly sealed with a good quality penetrating sealant, your stone floors will have an invisible protective barrier, which will repel liquids like wine or oil if spilled. This gives you valuable minutes in which to wipe up the spill, and clean with a gentle cleaner specific to your particular stone. If these liquids are allowed to sit for long on the stone, they could cause some etching of the surface, although this is not generally a permanent flaw and should gradually fade.

Installing your Terrazzo, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate or Mosaic Flooring

In order to get the very best result from your new flooring installation, you should always consult a properly qualified expert. This type of flooring can be tricky and experience, knowledge and specialist equipment are required for a pleasing outcome that will go the distance. The team here at Lawco are happy to answer any questions about maintaining and repairing your stone floors.

SJP Building Services in Wigan, are specialists in all forms of design and build, and also offer an interior design solution. So not only can they provide high quality structural work, but deliver all of the finishing touches to give you the home of your dreams. This of course includes glazing, roofing, rendering, plumbing, heating and flooring by skilled tradesmen.


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