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Floor Tile Repairs - Manchester

A recent flooring project involved repairs to a damaged tile in a high profile public building in Manchester city centre.

Firstly we cut out and replaced a damaged porcelain tile, removing the existing screed by grinding.

We supplied and installed an oversized replacement tile, which we cut to size in our workshop. This is a critical part of the process, as if cut in situ, dust can activate a smoke detector. We also minimise any dust effect by capping off the smoke alarms whilst work is in process.

We need to make our customers aware that it often takes as much time to source the replacement tile as fitting it, and we can be onsite for 8 hours. Due to escalating costs, particularly redundant stock, many manufacturers make tiles for just 2 years. Often if the exact match is unavailable, they have something similar that we can offer the contractor. For this Manchester job, we had to buy a box of 4 tiles. This was a very good deal, a box of 10 is average, and a box of 50 tiles is not uncommon.

Bakery - Pie Shop Floor Repair

For this floor repair we initially cut all joint lines and undertook crack repairs, hole repairs and reground whole shop floor surface. We then re-sealed with stone impregnator and finally a diamond polish.

Tile Repairs, Northwich

To replace a single broken tile we had to buy a box of 4.

Our engineer cut the single tile down to size and cut out a square , using a bore hole cutter to access the power point below.

After installation the centre piece was sitting low, creating a safety hazard. We corrected this by fabricating engineered plastic bases, on each of which sat a rubber facing, which can be flicked out – creating bespoke disc covers.

Kirklees council building, Dewsbury

The project involved repairing fifty damaged 100 mm holes in a 100 year old corridor. This required a terrazzo insitu repair. Our specialist handmade the repair compound on site, to match the floor. We then resurfaced, resealed and diamond polished the terrazzo floor.

Finally we completed the project by applying a deep clean to a marble mosaic.

Kirklees council building, DewsburyKirklees council building, Dewsbury

Hospital floor repair, Chesterfield

This white terrazzo floor had suffered severe black staining.

We cut whole floor back to the surface, then resealed with impregnator and enhancer. The job was finished with a diamond polished to bring back the lustre.

Hospital floor repair, ChesterfieldHospital floor repair, Chesterfield

Manchester University terrazzo floor

This job required us to prepare on site an insitu terrazzo formula, purpose made to match the environment in which it sat. We cut out the cracks to a depth which was able to accept the two pack terrazzo compound and completed with a re-polish.

Manchester University terrazzo floorManchester University terrazzo floor

International Project - Terrazzo Flooring Repairs Madrid

This Terrazzo floor repair was undertaken at the offices of the Welcome Foundation, in Madrid. We had previously undertaken similar work at the offices of the Welcome Foundation in Manchester and the London office made contact to ask us to complete the work required in Spain. The manufacturing process for Terrazzo tiles in Spain is not quite at the standard of British tiles, thus more intensive work was required to clean the tiles to the same high standard that we achieved for the Manchester office.

The tiles were cleaned and then sealed six times to complete an outstanding and highly durable finish. At the end of the project, the Spanish engineers thanked us for our workmanship and the end result.

Terrazzo Floor Installation in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

This detached house had been bought at auction and been empty for several years. A family from London bought the house and commissioned a building contractor to do renovation works. A terrazzo flooring installer was subcontracted to install a number of terrazzo floors throughout the house. Due to financial problems, the terrazzo installer started but did not complete the installations.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing � Sainsburys, Newcastle upon Tyne

This Sainsburys store is located in the basement of the Monument shopping centre in Newcastle city centre. The contract required us to diamond polish 400 sq metres of new Terrazzo flooring. This assignment presented some practical challenges, as we could not bring in our ride on equipment via the goods lift, so pedestrian battery equipment was used instead.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing � Aldi Store, Diudley, West Midlands.

Here we undertook a similar diamond polishing assignment, covering 250 sq metres for the Aldi Store in Dudley.

Terrazzo Floors - Joint Matching Issues

The family found us on the web and we agreed to complete the terrazzo floor installation. In picking up the installation part way through, we hit several problems with the matching of the marble joints. Precise matching of resin floor joints is very challenging and we took a sample of the initial floor resin to a resin specialist to have it colour matched. Even with a specifically colour matched resin, there is a tendency for the resin to lighten as a result of the grinding process. For more detail on floor matching, please see Stone Floors FAQ. The initial terrazzo installer had not been very proficient, and we found that we had to remove and replace a considerable amount of his work.

Hire the Best, not the Cheapest Terrazzo Floor Layer

This example serves to show how challenging the installation of a terrazzo floor is- and the importance of selection the best –not the cheapest – installer for the project.

Marble Floor Finishing Work – Wetherby, North Yorkshire

This project involved work on a stone floor in a new build property in Wetherby, North Yorkshire.

Northern Marble are floor fixers of high repute. They bought and laid floor on laid only basis –i.e. a fix and grout only contract.

When the floor was laid the client was unhappy. The floor in the new house did not have a glass finish like the floor in his Spanish property – which had been ground on completion.

Northern Marble brought us in and we removed the lips and diamond polished the floor to a high polish finish. We then sealed the floor before applying a final clean and polish. This work was applied to the marble in the kitchen, pool areas, stair treads and risers.

Ordsall Hall, Salford, Greater Manchester

This floor refurbishment required the replacement of numerous broken and missing floor tiles. We had to dig out the floor screed and start again from basics. The geothermic tiles of this floor were numerous different shapes and sizes, laid out in an encrusted design. The original tiles were 300 years old and the major challenge of this project was to replace them, laying them out in precisely the same pattern.

House in Merseyside � In situ Terrazzo Repairs to Entrance Lobby, Central Hall & Kitchen

In this property we undertook floor repairs to both the Italian Terrazzo, the Mozaic and the ceramic quarry tiles. This work involved insitu Terrazzo repairs, whereby we mix marble pieces into the cement base, then we re-seal it with an impregnator to harden the slab. Finally we diamond polish for a natural finish.

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