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Stone Floors - FAQ

Here are some typical questions we are asked regarding natural stone floor and staircase maintenance and repair

Q - Can you do an invisible floor repair?
A – We make every effort to make our stone floor repairs invisible. Eventually, much depends on whether or not we can get marble chippings for the repair to match the original stone. The main influences on the match are the two materials we use for the stone floor repair – the chippings and the resin.

Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Granite Stone Floor RepairsWe try to get precisely the same marble chippings from the factory / quarry. Some quarries are no longer mining and we are seeing more Spanish marble substituted for Portuguese marble. The marble chipping are now usually washed in the factory, producing a brighter, cleaner effect. This may be slightly different to the original unwashed marble used in laying the original floor.

The synthetic marble resin is available in only in 4 cols ex stock – black, white, cream and clear. When trying to match an existing yellow floor we use cream with yellow pigmentation. Black is usually quite easy to match. If we are repairing a green floor for example, we use a clear resin and add the appropriate green pigmentation. When using clear resin with pigments, this adds cost and time to the process.

Q - How much mess will there be?
We operate in a way in which dust is minimised. We use dust extraction units to do the ‘dry work’ and we mask surfaces butting up to the area of works. Diamond polishing is a wet operation, so we do have some splashing from the slurry. To minimise the effect we put down TPS – temp protection sheeting. Floor repair is not a clean operation, but we are pro’s and we take care to limit the effects of our work.

Q – Will the floor repair work be noisy?
A – The extent of the noise depends on the work involved. Small floor repair works cause a little noise. Larger works are necessarily more noisy. Cutting and grinding are the noisiest part of floor repair, along with hammering & Kangoing to remove the tiles to be replaced.

Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Granite Stone Floor RepairsQ – Once the floor repair is completed – how long before we can walk on it.
A- Almost Immediately. When the repair is completed, i.e. the natural stone floor is fully resurfaced, diamond polished and sealed, it is ready for walking on.

Supermarket Floor Repairs
With supermarket floor repairs, the tiles must be ‘untrafficed’ to allow the tiles to bed and cure. This usually requires a couple of days. Single tiles used in repairs and bedded in with resin joints are ready for use within hours as opposed to days. But if we are laying whole areas - laid and grouted up with cement – these require a couple of days.

We have done supermarket floor repair work where fork lifts were run over the tiles the day we had laid the tile the night before. This has caused tiles to dislodge as they had not been allowed adequate time to set.

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