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Slate Floor Restoration

Central Station Liverpool.

Here we completed repairs to a floor made up of two types of tile - riven slate and ceramic. The clients' initial plan was to have the existing floor ripped out and replaced, however, due to budget restrictions it was decided to have the existing floor restored. This repair involved us deep cleaning and then resealing the floor to bring it back to a good condition. The deep clean was especially challenging as the floor had a huge mural on it, made from 3mm vinyl, which was definitely not laid down with removal in mind..! Intensive labour, combined with special chemicals were required to remove it.

An earlier cleaning attempt had already been made, however the cementation slurry had adhered to the riven part of the slate tile. It transpired that the early attempt amounted to simply a maintenance clean, using only a neutral cleanser. This was insufficient to remove the cementation slurry residue from the grout.

Lawco Flooring was commissioned to complete the works. We used specialist detergents for the removal of the residue, which neutralised it, before sealing it with an impregnator which brings out the natural colour of the veinage within the slate tile for an outstanding aesthetic effect.
A further consideration for this assignment was the glass screen which stands on the floor. The glass screen was set into a stainless steel skirt at its base. This screen had been affected by a previous clean which had used very strong acid, which had come into contact with the skirt and oxidised it. For our process, we protected the stainless steel skirt from damage by using a specialist protective cover.

Slate Tile Replacement Manchester University

In this assignment we were required to replace a considerable number of tiles in the slate floor of the Martin Harris Building of Manchester University. The challenge of this project was not so much the physical replacement of the tiles, but the sourcing of them. It was important to get an exact match, and after exhaustive enquiries from our huge supplier list we located them, in Leeds.

In many such situations, we will remove a sample tile from the floor and replace it with a temporary tile, to enable the supplier to identify the exact match for the floor.

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