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Limestone Flooring Repairs

Farm house floor repair, St Helens

The farm owner had these repairs done as he was selling the property:-

  • The travertine floor cut back, treated and polished
  • Crack repairs and joint repairs
  • A stone impregnator and enhancer applied

On completion, the delighted owner said that he could not have wished for a better outcome.

Farm house floor repair, St HelensFarm house floor repair, St Helens

Wetherspoons, Leeds

On this project we worked for a main contractor. The work involved :-

  • Limestone crack repairs and hole repairs
  • Deep clean, stone enhancer plus final wash
  • Terrazzo insitu repair, snip repairs to nosing and a regrind and reseal
Wetherspoons, LeedsWetherspoons, Leeds

Private home, Culcheth, Cheshire

This Travertine floor project required crack hole repairs, resurfacing, a simple floor enhancer and finish with a diamond polish. Before commencing work we masked up all downstairs furniture and fittings.

Limestone Flooring Repairs - Lancashire

Limestone Flooring Repairs - LancashireWe have been asked to repair a large limestone floor in a Victorian country house in North Lancashire. The floor covers the kitchen, orangery and utility room and sits on top of a wet underfloor heating system.

Several contractors have surveyed this repair project and passed it up, due to the scale and complexity of the job.

When we surveyed the repair project we found that almost 50 large limestone tiles were severely cracked. We lifted several of these tiles and discovered that there had been movement beneath the tiles, causing cracks in the concrete subfloor.

In order to demonstrate the complexity and effectiveness of our work, we have repaired a section of the floor, using the following procedure.

Limestone Flooring Repairs - Lancashire
  1. Firstly we made good the subfloor, using a still saw to clean and open up the subfloor cracks.
  2. We applied a primer coat of epoxy to the crack.
  3. We applied a 2 pack cementatious repair kit.
  4. Now we applied anti fracture membrane, on top of the 2 pack epoxy.
  5. We put adhesive on back of the replacement tiles.
  6. Re-fixed the new tile, tamping it with a rubber hammer to ensure it is level with those around it.
  7. Flood grouted the tiles to fill up the joint lines.
  8. Whilst the grout is curing we apply some dry cement grout into the joints
  9. By comparison, the rest of the limestone floor tiles have dirty joints, which is to be expected. So we cleaned them using a professional use alkaline detergent, followed by a neutraliser.
  10. Finally, we used a diamond polishing machine, to remove the build up of dirt through wear and tear over many years.

As is common in such projects, locating the near identical limestone tiles presented quite a challenge to us and our network of suppliers. This is where we bring our 50 years of activity and experience in this sector to bear. The tiles are bespoke and after locating a batch of the correct size and number we needed to have them machined to the precise spec.

There are currently other works going on in the property at present. When these are completed we will be given access and complete the repair to the whole of the limestone floor.

Repairs to a Limestone Floor in Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester.

We were asked to repair a large crack in the limestone floor in this large Manchester building by Bovis Land Lease. The crack was found to originate in the subfloor, and the deliberations regarding the cause had been ongoing for 4 years. We were commissioned by a contractor to investigate the problem and quote for its rectification.
We dug out the tiles, exposing the crack in the subfloor. A structural engineer surveyed the problem and confirmed that no further movement in the floor was expected. We then repaired the crack, and laid down a protective separating membrane, which would permit some further lateral movement, without damage to the limestone floor tiles. Finally, we replaced the limestone tiles, repaired the joint lines, ground and resurfaced the floor with diamonds and resealed it to a final beautiful polish finish.

Limestone Floor Repair - Country House - Anglesey.

A builder had refurbished the property 3 years earlier. As part of the renovation they had sub contracted the laying of a limestone floor. Subsequently the limestone floor had cracked, and the crack was getting progressively worse. Numerous architects and builders had been out to investigate the problem - but no one had resolved it.
The house owners Googled "Limestone Floor Repairs" and found us on page 1. We investigated the problem, suspecting that the deeper problem was cracking of the subfloor, as we had experienced in Hardman Square, Manchester (detailed above).

Badly Cracked Subfloor

We lifted the tiles and exposed the subfloor - which was badly cracked - with a gap of up to to 30mm. We in-filled the gap using a 2 pack epoxy to repair the subfloor. We then applied a separation layer, creating a barrier between the tiles and the subfloor, in the event of any further movement of the subfloor. Finally, we laid an adhesive screed too the membrane before re-tiling, grouting, re-sealing and polishing the floor to a quality finish.
Via our contact network in the flooring industry, we were able to source replacement tiles which were a near perfect match. We knew the project would involve considerable mess, so the owners left the house to us for a week. On their return they were delighted with the result and asked us to do more renovation work around the house:
In the large entrance foyer, we repaired the stair treads and risers of the feature central staircase

Removal of Screed Residue

The swimming pool had leaked and a contractor had drained it and applied a screed to the pool walls and floor. Unfortunately the contractor had mixed the screed on the floor beside the pool, which ruined the riven stone floor. We used specialist chemicals to remove the screed residue before resealing and polishing to complete the restoration.

Stone Floor Maintenance

When we had completed our work in the house, we put the owners in contact with a Manchester based floor cleaning machine specialist. He visited and recommended the ideal machine for the ongoing maintenance of the stone flooring in the house, to keep it in pristine condition.

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